Arriving at your Selfish Destination

A master bedroom is your private getaway, your sanctuary.  It is your time to relax and frankly, do whatever you want!  It is in this room where you can compartmentalize your work, kids, daily dramas, etc. and consciously focus on ONE responsibility....cherish your "me" time. You can surf your guilty-pleasure websites, finish that page-turner or above all, reconnect with a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife! In our eyes, the master bedroom should be called the rejuvenation room.  Its sole purpose is to relax and calm your senses so you can begin the next day with a fresh perspective and a recharged state of mind.  Therefore, it's imperative that your surroundings not only illustrate these emotions, but most importantly, perpetuate these feelings.  What came first, the chicken or the egg?  We don't know and we don't care because we are so damn relaxed!

Accomplishing a "feel" can be difficult but our advice is to draw inspiration from things that derive that specific emotion within YOU.  For example, take note as to what colors soothe you, what photos make you feel centered and balanced, what materials provide coziness, or what lighting provides a much needed rest. All of these factors can contribute to a "feel" but it's also critical to keep in mind that these factors can create the exact opposite. Overlooked factors can happen to the best of us and they subtly build road blocks which prevent the success of your ultimate goal.  It could be your favorite florescent art piece or that sentimental chair that you've been holding onto since college. Don't be afraid to edit or find an alternative place for these objects.  Even the best decorator needs to check in with his or her design to see if these factors are working for or against the desired outcome. This game of small factors can be hard to navigate so we have put together a road map for our readers! The Mission? Arriving at your selfish destination .


Create a Pretend Living Space

Ivory & Bone tries to veer from adding faux anything. For example, an umbrella scene perfectly angled on a wall with a lone suitcase, assorted fedora hats strategically placed on a coat rack, or a calligraphy pen and ink on a roll-top desk.  Small touches like these seem forced and impractical and will only divert from your own authenticity.   These contrived ideas will not last.  We call them the "GG" items, aka they will end up in the garage then the garbage.  Yet at the risk of sounding hypocritical, we promote a living space in the master bedroom.  Two tufted chairs with a Moroccan pouf or a kitty-cornered chaise lounge with a floor lamp are great ways to achieve this aesthetic. If you are fortunate enough to have the space, a separate living area (whether actually used or not) creates a feeling of homeyness and breaks up the area very nicely.



Bring in the Beach

For most, the beach is the top element of nature that ignites all of our relaxation trigger points.   The rise and fall of the sparkling ocean, the soft powder between our toes, the salty fresh air, the distant sound of steel drums, these are all factors that we must look to for inspiration. Warning: this does not mean put a framed Hula Skirt above your bed!  Stem far from the literal and add depth to your work. For instance, look to materials and textures that exemplify these emotions. In other words, try to practice the ol' showing verses telling concept and focus on elements as opposed to items.




Stay Grounded

We all love hardwood floors don't we?  Be sure to bring in rugs, rugs, and more rugs.  They provide character and personality, but they also evoke a feeling of intimacy and warmth!




Uniformity is Needed

Avoiding the hotel room "look" is essential but a bit of consistency never hurt anyone.  Uniformity will subconsciously rest your peripherals and bring peace and simplicity to your collection. For instance, try identical sconces and/or nightstands.  Another cute idea is placing twin shag rugs at either side of the bed for a comfy wake-up.




If you got a man, represent!

OK we know that a lot of men bail when it comes to decorating.  Whether a woman likes this or doesn't holds little bearing on whether or not your boyfriend or spouse should be represented.  Before you go all "shabby chic" on him, re-prioritize what's needed to create balance between the two of you.  It's essential for YOU that his relaxation is nurtured as well.  Try asking for his input on which colors make him feel settled or ask him to choose an item on his own. This creates a team effort and brings you closer to your desired outcome which is harmony.




When decorating, every piece you add or subtract has an affect on your room and its overall vibe. If you work consciously and cater to these factors, you will inevitably arrive at your selfish destination.  And remember...when the bed is a rock'n don't start road blockin'!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


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