6 Methods to Make Your Art “Move”


Art selection is not only challenging, it’s EVERYTHING. Often, people put their art on the backburner but truthfully, it’s more important than the paint on your walls. Art brings personality, humor, passion, and emotion.   By choosing your art wisely, you are illustrating a story that extends far beyond a couch or a TV. You are adding meaning and depth, which instantly converts a house into a home. When I work with my clients, I would say art is my biggest undertaking. Sure, I have my own opinion for each project but art is very subjective. I find that it’s difficult for my clients to take my advice because even if they don’t have a vision, they can’t in all sincerity hang a meaningless piece of art (and I don’t blame them!). There is something about it that just feels contrived or “poserish.” Sure, I offer ideas based on their taste, talents, and interests but art should ultimately be a personal decision. It should evoke an individual emotion. The problem is, that exact thing, which has the ability to “move” us, varies from person to person. Therefore, in today’s blog I’ve decided to breakdown some practices as opposed to pieces…actions verses artwork. This way, hopefully you will be able to find your own art, your own voice because hey, I can show you a picture of a fish and you’ll probably get sick of it, BUT if I teach you how to find one yourself, well, it will probably hang for a lifetime.

6 Methods to Make Your Art “Move”

1. Find Carmen Santiago

We all have locations that are special to us. Scour the Internet for photos, postcards, advertisements, retro prints and paintings that generate or mirror that same feeling you felt when you visited/lived in that particular place.   Another, more literal option is to honor these locations with wooden signs or vintage maps….


b wood


Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 8.45.27 PM







vintage travel

2. Rethink Homegoods

Stroll down the art aisle at Homegoods, except this time, change your perspective. I rarely look at the art itself, I look at the frame or the canvas. Most of the time the price is between $20-50. If you like the frame and/or the matte, it’s worth the purchase!   Also, they sell huge canvases that are always pretty “stock,” cover it by using a staple gun and your favorite fabric. It’s a perfect way to brighten any room or complete a look. Another option is to choose your favorite wallpaper and frame it!



3. Drink & Dab

If you’re up for a project, get inspired! Abstract art is not only for Picasso or your three-year-old. Buy a canvas and some acrylic paint and see what you can do! Better yet, buy some wine and have a Drink & Dab party with some friends.


ab 3


Channel Your Mr. Demille

Get up-close and personal! Take or find photos that are graphic and detailed. This adds humor and character to your walls.


stair swimmer

up 1

funny 3


Grab Your Hammer and Get Weird

Try to think beyond your line of vision. You will add to your art’s originality by placing your pieces in unexpected positions or places. For example, bring your collages down to the floor or up to the ceiling. Get messy! This time, as you hang, try avoiding the same space between each picture. There are no rules. In fact, the more you break them, the more interesting your wall becomes. Hang family photos in your bathroom, put a picture of your pet in the kitchen, get creative because it’s the quirky stuff that brings your home to life.




wp 4



weird placement 1

Deck the Halls with What Matters Most

My last piece of advice… invest your time and money into personal photos. As accessible as your IPhone or Facebook may be, PRINTED photographs will forever be the crème de la crème. A captured image of our loved ones is a precious window that peers into what matters most. People spend their whole existence searching for happiness, a meaning, but it’s the people that touch our lives, the deep connections that we make with others, that provides our true purpose. Photographs are a celebration of this happiness! I say, order big and worry about the framing later because there isn’t a better form of art on the market.

We had Danielle Macinnes, a BRILLIANT and wonderful photographer, take our family photos and I couldn’t be more excited about the finished product! I am constantly snapping pics (in fear that my kids are getting too old too quickly), but I am SO happy that we did an official shoot with Danielle. Having a creative (and patient!) professional really makes all the difference. Most importantly, it's a gift filled with memories that will last a lifetime!!

To see more of Danielle's work, visit her Website or Facebook Page!









So there you have it, Ivory & Bone's 6 methods to making your art move...Now go hook that fish! xo