Makeover Edition: A Bathroom for my Shipmates


When we moved into our new home last year, I can honestly say that I missed our bathroom the most, specifically the bath.  As a Mom, "tubby time" is one of the best events of the day. The kids are happy and winding down, we are completely "unplugged," all the dirt and sticky crud is fading away, and my magazine on the couch topped with a glass of red wine is just one bedtime story away. This past year, Rubber ducky and Mr. Bubbles were completely MIA. The kid's bathroom had a stand-up shower so we were subjected to our grotesque Master Bath. In the midst of the grim forest green tile and florescent overhead lighting, "Splish Splash I'm taking a bath" just didn't carry the same tune. It was then that my husband and I decided we needed to save up and renovate the kid's bathroom!

Before I tackle ANY design project, big or small, I always put together a Concept Board. These boards lay out a bird's eye view of each particular item and their cost, purchase location, and ordering detail. This way, not only do you have a practical, realistic concept, you also have the ability to bring the whole room together, creating one cohesive look.

Here was my concept board for our project.  I knew I wanted to accomplish 3 things...

  1. Shiplap covering the walls and ceiling
  2. A fun nautical "kid friendly" design but sophisticated enough to serve as a guest bath
  3. Aged brass fixtures throughout

Now it was time to execute.  I hired an unbelievable contractor named Steve to implement the design and here is the finished result!

Hope you like it!!

Here are the Before & Afters!!

~Ivory & Bone