A Bathroom Fit for a Wolf


  In my home, I generally shy away from bold.  The reason?  I get sick of things too fast! Personally, I tend to lean towards neutrals and textures which are soothing and cozy so I don't have to redecorate every year.  BUT don't get me wrong, I respect bold. When I see wacky patterns and drastic colors on the walls and fabrics of other people's living rooms, it's exciting! I absolutely love decorating that's out-of-the box.  In life, risk-taking is what turns good into great! A sheep may be safe in the herd, however a wolf, a wolf takes a chance.... and he could win BIG.

This week I decided to highlight wallpapered bathrooms that are fit for a wolf.  In other words, powder rooms that are bold, beautiful, aggressive, and air on the side of crazy! I chose bathrooms in particular because for people like me, these tiny, isolated spaces are an opportunity to embrace your inner beast.  You can get wild with your decorating because of the private nature of the space. You don't have to worry about the aesthetic flow into other rooms. On the flip side, its small size will somewhat tame your craziness without being too over the top.

Let's start with botanicals.  Leaves, trees, flowers, these plants can be gorgeously gaudy in the right setting.


bot boti

pr 1




New takes on traditional prints like toile, florentine, and damask are always classically elegant with a fresh twist!



toile toilge






Contemporary geometric patterns like chevron, stripe, medallion, and trellis pack a loud punch!








Warning: I am going through a major polka dot/cheetah spot faze!  Most of these dotted bathrooms are hip and fun but you can also tone down the look for a traditional feel.


pr12 prmaybe

pr 2




Animals or animal print can be an interesting and humorous way to funk up your powder room!







A nautical approach in a small space has two contrasting elements, preppy and loud.  Adding conflicting messages elevates your style as it challenges the ordinary.








There are also different ways to color outside the lines.  Try wallpapering the ceiling instead.  Or using a decal! If you have a shower, try a stencil to avoid peeling.  You can use a sea of family photos as your wall covering. Also, look to accessories; you can use the same wallpaper for tops of vanities, line the drawers with it, or even upholster a tiny chair with a matching fabric (I love furniture in bathrooms!).




blue bw3


My Dad and life-long soccer coach always used to say to me, "Good! If you're nervous, it's a sign that you're doing somethin' great!  That advice might have pertained to sports during my childhood, but I still carry that lesson with me everyday.   So now I encourage you!... Get some guts and climb that Aggro Crag! Take the plunge (no pun intended)! Go big or go home (or in this case go outside)! Embrace your inner wolf and as my Dad would say.... "Be Agressive, Be Be Aggressive!"



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