The Brimfield Fair- A Diamond Mine for the Home


My Grammy, Lucretia Gordon, remembers the people of the 1950s.  They would always say, “The men go golfing while the women go antiquing.” Our history books would deem this quote to be a derogatory exemplification of the gender roles that existed during that decade. However, on the contrary, my Grammy recalls this quote to optimistically shed light upon the other side of the story. To her, back then life had a sense of simplicity. The kind of simplicity where children fell asleep exhausted with dirt on their knees, not XBOX calluses on their thumbs. Where you weren’t expected to return calls until you actually returned home. The kind of simplicity where a red-cheeked boy would humbly confess his feelings verses merely type them. You would step outside and know your barber, your baker, and your butcher (and therefore could trust that the meat you ate last night was actually meat!).

Grammy has a point. I am reminded of this pure simplicity on three occasions, once in May, again in July, and then once more in September. Three times a year, we find a babysitter, grab our beach carts, and haul ourselves up to the Brimfield Fair to be part of something that seems bigger than just vintage sewing machines and wicker chairs.


The Brimfield fair is the largest antique show in New England. For a mile-long stretch, over 5000 dealers showcase their items under tents in rain or shine. Prices are very reasonable and the people are sweet as honey. Food vendors line the dusty streets selling lemonade, hotdogs, and the infamous Thanksgiving Pilgrim Sandwich. As I am surrounded by these beautiful people and things, I can’t help but feel like I’ve traveled through time to a place of wholesomeness, to a place often referred to as the "simpler life."




The ambiance is what makes this place so inspirational. Like we always say at Ivory & Bone, let your emotions decide and create your décor.  At Brimfield, the chunky sideboards, the crystal French lighting fixtures, the salvaged wood tables, these immortal antiques evoke nostalgic emotions of an elegant time before us.  Their originality adds versatility and texture, creating a classic yet interesting collection.






It’s the medley between the old and new that makes a home one-of-a-kind.  I find that all of my clients have the same objective; to make their home represent who they are and the people that they love.  It is these unique items that are the diamonds in the rough, they are the conversation pieces that make your home distinctive, creative, and most importantly, personal.






Every piece in my home, from something large like my antique pew in my dining room, to my small sterling silver vase holding white lilies… these rare finds have transformed my home. I have noticed that my guests gravitate to these items specifically. Every time I look at them, I feel like I found a hidden gem that I can call my own. Big box stores like Homegoods and Restoration Hardware are obviously go-tos for statement pieces, staple items, and filler like pillows and frames. However, to avoid a “one note” look, make sure to seek out those rare diamonds.




So I will leave you with this, like Grammy says, “Go antiquing!” Scour your local flea markets, pull over for the occasional yard sale, and enjoy searching through time, enjoy the dig.  It’s within these precious mines that you will make your very own, timeless abode.


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