The WUBurger Gourmet Design, Cambridge


When I helped Deepak and Kal design WUBurger last year, our creativity came with understandable conditions. They had taken over Mr. Charles (a retro ice-cream shop) so for all intensive purposes, we worked within the 1950s theme but added a modern twist for a fresh, clean look.   WUBurger’s impeccable food and service plus the updated atmosphere, proved to be a combo that put the cherry-on-top! The Woburn location on Main Street soared with 5 star reviews thus allowing the tireless owners to open a second restaurant in Cambridge, MA!! I was honored when Deepak and Kal asked me to partner again for their expansion. I was extremely excited about the project for two reasons. One, I was so proud of their success and two; our creativity was limitless this time-around! We had a clean slate, a complete new build-out!   WUBurger’s originality and branding could really take on infinite possibilities and I was happy to be part of its evolution.

As we began the design, our mission was to elevate the style and crystallize the brand for WUBurger Gourmet. As always Ivory & Bone placed an important emphasis on what I like to call, “a custom feel.” We always try to create a dynamic tailored look that’s layered. For example, wallpaper in unexpected areas, the use of 3-D textured materials, and most importantly, bold lighting placed with a purpose.

WUBurger’s doors are now open and yet again, WUBurger has hit it out of the park with their juicy burgers, homemade donuts, and boozy milkshakes! At the end of every project, my only hope is that our design has complimented the food, thus creating the perfect dining experience. In this particular case, this was no easy task and that’s a testament to the true talent of Deepak and Kal!!

WUBurger Gourmet: 1128 Cambridge Street

Next time you're in the neighborhood, check it out!  In the meantime, here's just a taste of the Ivory & Bone Design!










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