Don't "Fall" for the Assortment!

Simplify your Seasonal Doorstep


Pumpkin beer has hit the shelves. Frye boots have hit the pavement. It’s the only time of the year that a chill can brush your face while the sun warms your back.  As a New Englander, you don’t know whether to smile or cry because our favorite season will blow in and out faster than Ned Stark can say, “winter is coming.”

In lieu of this beautiful tragedy, I decided to, of course, blog about fall décor! Except, this entry is different from the autumn explosion that you might have endured on Pinterest this month. In this entry, I set out to suggest a SIMPLER doorstep; a front door that “shows” the season vs. “tells” the season.  In other words… avoid the typical fall assortment at all costs!

I’m not necessarily against the pumpkins, cornhusks, haystacks, and pinecones but what I’m not too keen on is the combination of ALL these items mixed into one big seasonal exhibit. We don’t need the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz to tell us that the leaves are changing.  We get it, tis the season.

Fortunately, there is a way to be festive without throwing a festival. As exciting as fall is, try to avoid screaming at your spectators.  Avoid telling them all the answers. Your design will become beautiful when you leave room to the imagination.   If you simplify your message, then the design will subliminally evoke the complex and happy emotions ASSOCIATED with fall.  In my opinion, this is a much more impressive and interesting take on home décor.

Planters and Window Boxes

Vintage storage pieces are linked with farms, hay, straw and the like.  Look for crates, galvanized buckets, rusty urns, worn ceramic pots, or barrels and use them as planters to house the staple plants/flowers of the season!  (Lavender, Mums, Sunflowers, Cabbage.)

Simplicity tip: pick one variety

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Wreaths or Hanging Ornaments

The bigger the better! and and many others provide earthy wreaths that make an appealing focus point.

Simplicity tip: pick one material and tie with twine or burlap

boxwood wreath  wild birch b o t the-wheat-wreath-bow fall-tips-wreath1 e


Get Creative with Pumpkins, Gourds, and others

Pumpkins, squash, and other vegetables are perfect decorations this time of year.

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Doors: Taste the Rainbow!

You can always paint your front door if you really want to “hold on to that fall feeling!”


Autumn is as bitter sweet as the cinnamon and sugar that line the rims of our mugs. Before you know it, winter will be knocking at our door but until then, let’s “show” him that he’s messed with the wrong stoop!


Sources for above collage: mustard door orange door green door charcoal door brown door red door