Imprint Your Personal Touch

  So you’ve picked out your paint color, chosen the rug, stressed over your window treatments, and arranged the furnishings, but your room is still lacking. It’s missing that warmth you've wrestled to create in a room, a room that feels lived in verses merely on display. Well wrestle no more, this predicament is actually not a predicament at all.  You are in the exact place you need to be.  To achieve a personal touch, all you need to do is add a FINISHING!

We must confess, Ivory & Bone is partial to photography but we are also drawn towards prints (loads of 'em!). Whether it be botanical prints, marine life prints, or bird prints, we love them all.


 Bird Prints


bird pelican








Marine Prints


fish print


fish print 2








 Botanical Prints






Prices of prints vary just as much as your choices. You can find an antique print that is hundreds or thousands of dollars but you can find a digitally reproduced image that's under twenty dollars. There are even public domain/out-of-copyright illustrations available to purchase that you can print or download yourself.  If original authenticity isn't a main priority, shop around, your wallet will thank you for it!





palm tree 3






pineapple 2


pineapple 3


Almost always, Ivory & Bone leans towards oversized prints that draw interest and make a statement. Another alternative is to hang prints in multiples. Don’t shy away from hanging 12 prints even if you don’t have much space. Think of unusual spaces to hang your print gallery like over a bathtub, over a seating booth in the kitchen area, or in the foyer.


Tom Scheerer - for the birds stairway



ScreenHunter_02 May. 05 21.25


ScreenHunter_04 May. 05 21.30


botanical hallway house beautiful


Audubon Prints Living


ScreenHunter_07 May. 05 21.38


Good luck and happy hanging!!!