The Juicery Design- A Blend of Style!


“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer." These insightful words encompass everything Alex Vandermark is and always will be.  When he started the Juicery in 2008, the space was no bigger than a shoebox. Now he has nine locations across three states, NH, MA and ME and continues to grow. Entrepreneurs like Alex are cut from a different cloth and not everyone can see this.  People see the end result. They see the trips, the golf outings, the flexible hours, but what they don't see is the risk, the sleepless nights, the stress that permanently weighs upon an entrepreneur's back.  An owner is basically steering a lifeboat in unpredictable waters with the sole responsibility of keeping it afloat. Yet, what defines them is the fact that they wouldn't have it any other way. They couldn't.  A cubicle is just not in their DNA.

My Dad, my husband, my in-laws, and now in my profession, I am surrounded by entrepreneurs and they all seem to share the same qualities.  They are the ones that need to speak up, they are the ones that push limits, contradict the conventional. They are the risk-takers, the ones that never settle.  They can't shut off the perpetual ideas that run through their minds. It's a manic intensity that can't be taught. They are the people that truly live life like they're only living once.

I was honored when Alex asked me to help design his newest venture, "The Juicery and The Soupery" at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. Alex had hired Carpenter and GC extraordinaire Ross Kramer, of Kramer Built to head the new construction.  When I arrived, they had already introduced an elevated look with custom woodwork thus creating an original rustic style.  They brought Ivory & Bone in to select decor that was inline with this theme yet with a softer side.   Like always, we absolutely love this juxtaposing combo! The merging of masculine and feminine materials is I&B's specialty!

Our objective was to create a design that illustrated what the Juicery is all about.  Alex has built a company that appeals to everyone.  The vibe is casual and laid back but clean and top-notch. We did this by developing a warm color scheme of grays and neutrals, however we stayed consistent with the Juicery brand by adding scattered pops of green ranging from lime to forest. We focused on selecting vintage, industrial light fixtures and contrasted this with fun, adventurous wallpaper and art pieces that screamed "we don't take ourselves too seriously."  For furnishings we combined chesterfield leather with bistro chairs and tables. And lastly, we topped off the rustic wood station with a refined white quartz countertop.

I favor commercial design because it's like one big, creative puzzle and at the end, I get to share the payoff alongside my client, the entrepreneur that has taken all the risk and can now open their doors and turn a dream into reality.

Alex, thank you so much for giving Ivory & Bone this opportunity.  It's been an inspiration!

So here you have it, the fruits of our labor!  Enjoy and drink up!


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