A Lovely Portsmouth Loft - Makeover Edition


When I grew up, Portsmouth was just the town next door.  Today, it feels more like a mini-destination, boasting New England's personality and best attributes.   It has changed right before my eyes.  Tourists now flood the brick-lined streets, foodies crowd the diverse restaurants, academics migrate to study the historical scenes of our first settlers. In truth, it's a town turned city. Yes the culmination has its inconvenient drawbacks but all-in-all, I am proud to say that I have watched an evolution.  Now people see what I see... a beautiful seacoast village, filled with eclectic locals young and old, reminiscent of a european fishing town. Recently I had the privilege to design a lovely Portsmouth loft in the heart of downtown.  With gold accents, sparkling crystals, muted soft photography and blush textiles, we transformed a once very masculine apartment into a chic, elegant, retreat, set back from the bustling streets below.

A happy hideaway for a niece and nephew!

p.s. hope you like it! ~ Ivory & Bone