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A Look into my Little Cub's Den


In our last blog Walking the Princess Line, we gave you a peek into my daughter’s dainty bedroom, so this week, it only seems fair to highlight a more masculine alternative, my son’s bedroom!

In terms of the theme in Felix's room, I made the final decision.  And before I’m criticized, let me explain what I’m up against…

Felix is three years old, so although he has developed his favorite colors and cartoon characters, his loyalty is questionable at best.  One week he wants to be a “Fyda” (aka spider) for Halloween and the next, something inanimate like a banana. In my opinion, he’d be better off dressing up as a politician with all this constant flip-flopping. Felix’s fickle behavior is understandable yes, but it was this trait that ultimately deprived him of executive power.  The presidential seat was then naturally handed over to me, his mother. I'm proud to say that despite Felix’s desperate attempts to use his lobbyists like Buzz Lightyear and Lightning Mcqueen, I stood my ground and chose a sophisticated safari theme.

He can be convinced to wear any costume.


I chose this theme because I knew it would stand the test of time.  At first, lions, tigers, and bears can be fluffy and child-like for example, Dumbo and Baloo.  Yet as he grows, these animals can become ferocious, predatorial, and very realistic.  Hence, my financial/time investment will be justified.


In order to achieve this sophisticated look, I wanted to find a middle ground between Fisher Price and Restoration Hardware. I love home décor so when it comes to children’s rooms, I shy away from too many primary-colored materials for sensorial and of course aesthetic purposes. At the same time, I also never want to take things too seriously.   These rooms are meant for the most imaginative, evolving minds on the planet; I want to keep things fun, engaging, and ingenuous.

For starters I had to pick the colors… For the walls I wanted a green that resembled camouflage.   A green that was neither moss nor forest.  I chose Benjamin Moore’s Sage Mountain which I’m very happy with.


Next, I knew I needed to incorporate blue because Felix would have a conniption fit if I didn’t.  (ps. blue is EVERY boy’s favorite color.  Don’t believe me?  Ask ANY man you know…"What’s your favorite color?” He will look up at the sky for a second, tense his brow, and say “um blue.” Like it’s an original idea. If in the RARE occasion he says green, congratulations you’re standing in front of a free thinker. Try it, you’ll see…)  I incorporated blue with Serena and Lily's Color Block curtains and a hand-me-down Gingham stripe comforter.  This was risky but mixed with a Jenny Lind Spindle headboard purchased from StudioVO, I knew everything would tie into the out-of-Africa feel.




Then, like every room in the house, I needed to add texture.  I decided to use my Herringbone rug from Pottery Barn and layer this with an inexpensive cowhide I bought at Ikea.  This added to the theme while providing a touch of maturity.


I also integrated accent pillows that brought in additional depth, like fur, jute, and again, burlap.


In my daughter’s room, I mentioned that I added a teepee to provide a separate living area for comfort. For my son’s room, I added a burlap tent from Rosenberry Rooms!  This horizontal style contributed to the safari look. I also included a bamboo chair to further but subtly emphasize the theme.


I copied the wallpaper idea from Finley’s room and wallpapered Felix’s closets as well.  I searched through every National Geographic wall-covering book out there, but finally I opted to look at the grown-up books and discovered this slightly textured map print.  It introduced an explorer look that I absolutely love!




Lastly, I added accessories.  Personal touches like a baby photo, stuffed animal, or quote from his favorite bedtime song, these items not only provide individualism, but they also bring in a softness that is quintessential for every child’s bedroom.



photo (1)




So here is the final product!  Felix feels like such a big boy in his new den!  His other toys of congress are downstairs in the playroom where they belong, probably lobbying to pass the bill on “one more TV show!” Meanwhile, upstairs Felix doesn’t care that I won the election....he’s at the top of the food chain!




COMING UP... Stay tuned for next week's makeover edition, I finally chose my dining room wallpaper! 


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