A Sophisticated yet Fresh Pied-à-terre!


As their last of three daughters flee the nest for college, Scott and Donna Briggs decided that a pied-à-terre in Winchester, MA would be a great adventure! We feel so fortunate that they chose Ivory & Bone to make their second residence feel like a home-away-from-home! As decorators, it is our main objective to not only offer our ideas and direction, but also to create a space that reflects the clients that have entrusted us. We can only achieve this by listening to what they're looking for and understanding what looks they gravitate towards. Asking the right questions is a decorator’s biggest responsibility. It is then our job to take this information, pull it all together, and create a beautiful and personalized setting that transcends beyond the customer’s expectations.

As you know, Ivory & Bone specializes in cosmetic changes.  The majority of the work we do tends to appeal to clients that need assistance with the outer layers of design.  For example... visualize an empty room with structures, beams, molding etc...this is your inner layers of design.  This is your canvas.  We assist with the picture that lies on top of that canvas such as: the furniture layout, the furniture selection, the colors, rugs, fabric and wall coverings, window treatments, the accessories, the artwork and installation.  It is this portrait that we love to create.

In today's blog, I'm going to provide a step-by-step breakdown of how we turned Donna and Scott's blank canvas into a sophisticated yet fresh pied-à-terre!

Furniture Layout

It's always important to let the shape of the room guide your layout.  For example, in this particular case the room was extra long, therefore we created two living spaces.  Aside from physically creating parameters (like you see here as the couch horizontally divides the room), you can also distinguish each space by visually assigning separate functions.  Thankfully Donna and Scott like conversation around the fire as well as watching TV!  There you have it, good looking AND practical!



Donna wanted her new loft to be comfortable, calming, and husband-friendly (in other words, no "fru-fru.")  In this particular although very frequent request, we decided to bring in a lot of masculine materials like leather, steel, and concrete mixed with cozy linens and comfortable animal prints. Our colors consisted of green, browns, and aubergine with a tiny touch of gold. This created a very soothing palette that neither screams male nor female.



The Accessories

The small things matter!  They can work for you or they can work against you.  Our advice is be strategic but not contrived.  In other words, don't just try to fill shelves. Every color, every object draws your eye.  At the same time, don't try too hard.  If you're not a star-gazer, don't put an antique telescope in front of your window...poser.  Ha, all kidding aside, if you want to love your look, don't display things that you do not love...simple as that! Include home accents that reflect who you are and evoke a feeling that you and your guests wish to feel.





Tip: If your room is missing something, I always like to look at a space and find the color that is used the least. Then I scour for an unexpected art piece or a book that ties that color in one last time....



The Art

Donna and Scott's heart and soul belong to their three girls, Kyla, Jocelyn, and Jenna and of course you can't forget their sweet dog, Moose! We found that, as family was at the forefront of their lives, why not make them the forefront of the decor?  Fortunately, one half of our team is a photographer, my Mom. Her talent and expertise makes photo selection and arrangement very streamlined and simple for our clients.   As you can see below, photos make Donna and Scott's home personal, fun, artistic and authentic.

untitled folder 52

new collage

The Flow

Donna and Scott also wanted their home to flow, to be cohesive and uniform.  This further evokes feelings of simplicity and tranquility.  We brought the neutral textures into their now peaceful master bedroom and added a colorful bohemian look to create the girls' youthful guest room.




untitled folder 53

The Big Picture

So there you have it, the final design!  Thank you to the Briggs family for inviting us into your home and allowing us to help make your new adventure become a reality!

~ Ivory & Bone

untitled folder 54