Color: Make it a Perfect "POP"

I don't think I ever felt more confident than I did that day. I woke up. Stretched. Walked over to my closet, and there it was...My periwinkle Hypercolor Tshirt.  When I wore that garment, I was untouchable.  Well, actually I was very touchable considering everyone wanted to touch my Tshirt but I digress, the point is, I was unique. I stood out (me and about every other 4th grader on the planet).

I think back to that time and all the other times when fashion played a role in how I felt about myself.  It wasn't about a boy or about "being cool."  Those times felt good because I was expressing who I was.  I was showing the world what lived inside me. It felt personal, like a declaration, a declaration of independence.

I get this same high from interior design.  In truth, design is fashion and fashion is design, there is no distinction.  Yet, I've found that most people are hellbent on separating the two. They hit their twenties, rent their first apartment and BOOM, they feel frustrated and unprepared.  "I don't know how to decorate this place! Where do I start?"

The reality is, you are prepared.  If you know how to dress yourself then you've been expressing your style for years!  Just follow your own compass.

FOR EXAMPLE, let's talk about the phrase "pop of color." Take a look at the two photos below and think to yourself...what outfit looks more stylish?  In other words, which outfit looks more interesting? Less obvious? More thought-provoking? Creatively talented? Let this artistic criteria drive your decision...

The answer?  That is subjective of course but I personally think the red shoe outfit (on the right) is more stylish.  I feel this way because I think the other outfit is overboard and obvious. I feel like the designer liked color so they just splashed it everywhere with no intent or message.  It appears lazy to me.  I don't think "pretty" is necessarily creative.

The same rationale can be applied to Interior Design.  For me, "a pop of color" means just that... a touch of color that shows vs. tells.  It's not "in your face".  It's beautifully subtle like a Seinfeld joke thus giving credibility to its audience. The use of color is intelligent and strategically planned with the intent to add an even greater impact.

With that said, the one rule of art is that there are no rules! So above all else, I encourage you to follow your personal compass, challenge your own creativity, and find that style that makes you feel like you're wearing a periwinkle Hypercolor Tshirt.