School’s Out for Summer


  Have you ever noticed, in New England in particular, as soon as the kids get out of school and the summer weather FINALLY kicks in, you instantly forget your "inside" state of mind. Your thoughts shift away from the house and your focus is redirected to the outdoors. Even if you are mid-project, this is easily discarded and swapped with a vision of a soothing space outside, a calming oasis which you, your family, and friends can retreat to all day and into the night.

In order to create an inviting outdoor space, there are two elements that need to be capitalized on. 1. A strategic landscape design and 2. a well-thought out decor plan. This can be a lot of work (especially the landscaping) but the combination of these two elements equals fun, elegance, and ease.

A Tailored Sea of Green

Ivory & Bone’s favorite landscaping leans towards a more structured, simple, and formal look with a lot of boxwood, roses, and lavender. One word...manageable. Yet, the look of a complex English garden filled with a huge variety of perennials in multiple beds, although difficult, is breathtaking.

landscaping 6

landscaping 5

landscaping 9

landscaping 8

landscaping 7

landscaping 10

landscaping 4

landscaping 3

landscaping 2

Design : Anthony Paul


A Room Made-to-Measure

Outdoor rooms now rival indoor spaces. Many have fireplaces, curtains, fans, lighting, rugs, and fruit trees. Outdoor furniture appears even cozier than our living room pieces. Whether it’s a patio covered by a pergola, a wrap-around front porch, or a screened in sleeping veranda, these beautiful settings mean nothing without the correct strategy. The goal as a decorator is to make the space functional, inviting, and comfortable. Outdoor spaces should draw people in and set up a tone of relaxation. We always say, "Bring the outdoors in." This time we say vice-versa, "BRING THE INDOORS OUT!" Display fresh cut flowers in a vase, add a sectional, light a candle, or sweep lanterns/globe lights across the trees.  Your family and guests should transition with ease as they step into your backyard, no bag or luggage necessary, this should be an extension of your home.

Always keep in mind the lifestyle you envision for your outdoor space. If you want to curl up and read the latest summer bestseller, make sure you have a comfy chair with an ottoman or a chaise. If you want to sleep outside, purchase a daybed(s) that can be used for sleeping or lounging. If you want to share your sanctuary with neighbors and friends, be ready with enough seating, maybe an outdoor bar cart and sideboard for impromptu get-togethers. Personally, I want to do all three of these activities and more, this is why I love the outdoors and the unlimited possibilities!


rooms 5

room 11

room 10

room 9

room 8

room 3

room 4

room 6

room 7

room 1


As corny as it sounds, greenery is a living thing; whenever I move, I always mourn my plants the most.  They take nurture and care so  I take pride in their growth. YOU created it.  It's hard work but relish in your beautiful creation.  And MOST importantly, don't forget to congratulate yourself...grab a Mojito with your bestest friends and make those summer memories!!!


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