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Creating Your Own Tropical Escape


Ivory & Bone just got back from the U.S. Virgin island of St. Croix and we can’t help but be all about Caribbean decorating. Not all of us can be lucky enough to have a house on an island, but we can bring a little bit of that paradise warmth and feel into our own homes. When we think island décor, adding some pastel colors or cane furniture doesn't quite do the trick. Island decorating is more about creating a room that is light and airy.

Everyone would love to have an open air bungalow equipped with “accordion style” bi-fold doors or bi-fold windows which people use in Palm Springs or Palm Beach. Unfortunately, that just isn’t going to happen in New England. Many people have a three season room (or as we Yankees call it, "a ONE season room") in which they use to create a tropical space, but Ivory & Bone thinks any room in your house can have a bit of an indoor, outdoor feel!  To achieve this, you’ll want to add elements that help add a sense of openness, lightness, and fun.

Indoor shutters and ceiling fans immediately come to mind when one thinks of airiness and a gentle flow of island style. We find as decorators, we gravitate towards the simple plantation shutter or the solid wood farm shutter.  The ceiling fan should be simple and either dark bronze or white to keep with the clean lines of the room.

Shutter Styles


shutters 2

shutters 4

shutters 3

Fans We Fancy

ceiling-fan 1

ceiling fan 2



A large potted plant continues the tropic theme of the room. We always seem to lean towards something more islandy like a palm, banana, or fiddle leaf fig tree. The green color always brings the room alive and can add height where needed.

Pretty Planters

plant or grass rug


plants 1



To mimic the outdoors, we like to finish off with some sort of grass rug whether it is seagrass, coir, sisal, or jute. This can be an area rug or you can choose to go more aggressively with wall-to-wall! The added bonus is that most of these rugs are much more reasonably priced and go a long way in adding texture and appeal. Plus, these rugs are sneaky, hiding every speck of dirt that comes their way!

Rugs that "Lie"

palm and rug

grass rug 2


grass rug 1



Most of the year, we cannot live the indoor, outdoor lifestyle. We have to remain indoors daydreaming about when we can again run outside in our flip flops, breathe in the warm breezes, and feel the sun beating down on our shoulders. However, there is a bright side (literally)!  As an instant remedy, we can recreate this sensation by decorating our home with items that trigger our emotions and bring us back to those summer days that feel far too long ago.

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