Take a Walk on the Funny Side

Have you ever visited a home and everything is placed just so? The draperies match the sectional, which coordinates with the rug, then the entire look is complimented by a corresponding wall color.  Yet, as faultless and pretty as this picture may seem, for some reason the room lacks freshness, originality, and excitement. Ivory & Bone’s next entry addresses what we have found to be the missing component to this equation… a sense of humor. A room desperately needs an element that expresses individuality.  In the simplest of terms, an exceptional room yearns for a personal touch that a guest will not find in any other home. One way to achieve humor is through wall art. Artwork can be used to bring in color and beauty but most importantly, it can also project and generate emotion. One example is an oversized or comically up-close photograph of your horse, dog, fish, iguana, or other pet. Another example could be your child’s unintentional abstract art captured in a beautiful frame or canvas (you pick the colors!). In addition, art can mean something particular to you like a place you have visited, a favorite flower, or hobby. Surprisingly, many of our last names can be found on vintage signage. A quote painted on a piece of driftwood can also be another quirky, fun way to add to your one-of-a-kind home.



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Amusing fabrics can be found to lighten up the seriousness of a room. Look for sophisticated fabrics that include monkeys, zebras, or birds. Ethnic fabrics can also add interest to a room. Likewise, rugs can be used to soften a room’s stiffness.  For instance, a bold stripe or crazy colored rug can brighten the mood. We love the juxtaposition of a fancy, formal room with a casual indoor/outdoor rug, dhurrie, or seagrass wall-to-wall carpeting. A bathroom, mudroom, or hallway painted an unusual color always gets attention. With smaller rooms, you can get away with using colors that are different from your usual, safe color palette. You have more freedom to choose that olive green you love or that deep navy that should really be classified as black.







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Accessories are the easiest and probably least expensive way to add wittiness to a room. A pillow with a funny saying inscribed can be a great conversation piece. Animal lamps always add a sense of drama to a room.  Even a collection of hippos, letter openers, or seashells can help make a space more inviting, laid back, and grounded.



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Just like its owner, a room should never take itself too seriously. Guests cannot relax in a space that is too formal and stuffy. Success is achieved by creating a room that is welcoming, comfortable, and most importantly lived in by perfectly imperfect owners.


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