The Storytellers

Mirrors 101


Everyone has a weakness, that one special something that catches their eye. This item seems to have an inordinate amount of pull that draws your attention. For some people it is shoes, for others it's art, or it could even be textiles.  For me, my number one weakness is mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors. Surprisingly, it is not because I’m obsessed with looking at my own reflection. It is the fact that mirrors breathe life into a room! The glass adds elegance and your personal frame selection provides variety and an opportunity for additional style. We find mirrors make a closet size room that much bigger and also reflect light that makes dreary rooms that much brighter. Our personal favorites are driftwood, iron, bamboo, and the mecca of all gilt.

Of course the most common place to hang a mirror is in the bathroom.  However, the mirror is no longer one large unit which is glued above the sink. Fortunately, mirrors are now decorative and surrounded by a gorgeous frame.



They can complement the theme of the room.



Mirrors can be utilized in other areas aside from above the sink(s).





An oversized mirror or floor length mirror is the perfect remedy for a boring room. Sometimes you look at a beautiful space and it just seems to be missing something.  You can often find the answer just by merely looking up!  It lies in the height of the furniture. Couches, chairs, and tables are usually all the same height which can leave a room looking drab and unoriginal.  To fill in that missing piece, you can bring in dimension and drama by including something taller like a large palm tree, fiddle leaf fig, or a huge floor length mirror.

A floor length mirror in the bedroom can be a needed accessory.  It can be an unexpected life saver as we catch that last glimpse of ourselves to make sure a dryer sheet hasn't stuck to our shirts, dog hair hasn't clung to the seat of our pants, or that bump in the back of our hair doesn't go unbrushed.

photo (5)





In a room there are so many perfect places to hang a mirror such as:

Over the couch...

photo (4)



Or over a bed as a headboard....



Over a console...



Or even matching consoles...




Ivory&Bone promotes mirrors wherever possible for the above reasons, but mirrors can also serve a more important role that trumps all the rules of decorating. They are the epitome of refection both literally AND figuratively. In a way, mirrors are storytellers of our homes, portraying our lives through the images of the people we love. So why wait? Rig up those mirrors and start telling your story.


photo 3