The Beauty of Ivory & Bone

For me, Interior Design is all about the 4 S's...Soft, Soothing, Sophisticated, and Simple. How to achieve this?  Two colors: Ivory & Bone As a Designer, it's my job to adapt to my client's style.  I've found that this is an easy task because (as a shopaholic) I LOVE every aesthetic..contemporary, traditional, rustic, you name it! However, I'd be lying if I said that the "Ivory & Bone" staple didn't rear its beautiful head once in a while.

In my opinion, neutrals are the key to a welcoming home. They relax your eye.  They invite your guests to sit down. A calming palette provides an understated elegance, an effortless maturity.  Don't get me wrong, color is needed. Color incorporates fun, character, and contrast yet for me, a comforting home is grounded in simplicity. Remember: Color is everywhere from magazines, toys, flowers, clothes, to even pots and pans. Color finds a way into our daily lives, thus capturing our subconscious attention. You may not need as many "pops" as you think...

Dodge the plain look by adding loads and loads of texture!!

So there you have it!  Neutrals at their best! A Helpful hint: When decorating a room, pick 2 or 3 colors and the rest will flood in naturally, I promise!!!


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