Walking the Princess Line


A Look into my Daughter's Lair

Oh the dreaded princess.  Almost every Mother struggles with their daughter’s deep obsession with royalty.  In my opinion, there is something creepy about those high-heels made for little toddler feet, yet every afternoon my 4 year-old, Finley Marie, comes clicking around the corner with wand-in-hand.

“Mom, can you put my Belle dress on?”  I roll my eyes and we change wardrobes for the second time today.

Every Mother compromises to some degree but a princess infatuation should never be underestimated. If you do not set parameters, as Ruler, your kingdom will be overthrown faster than you can say, “Do you wanna build a snowman?”

Before you know it, your little “Cinderella” will be throwing ragers with Jasmine and Gaston and your strategically decorated sanctuary will be filled with blowup castles, rainbow unicorns, and sparkling amulets.  All that’s left for you will be a small glimmer of your linen sofa peering through her florescent pink wake.

Pack it in King Candy because you just got ransacked by your own flesh and blood, Princess Lollipop.

IMG_0595 (1)

So how do parents walk the line between granting a daughter’s wishes while still maintaining a well balanced, beautiful home?  This is a hard line to distinguish because you want to encourage your child’s imagination however; you still need a place of retreat, a place where one can find personal relaxation.  So let’s tackle this debacle by first addressing the one space in your house that unequivocally requires some R&R, the bedroom…

Whether you are an adult or a child, the bedroom is a place that should be your haven, your downtime. In this week’s blog, we will be showing some tips on how to embrace the dreaded princess while promoting aesthetic tranquility.

When my family and I moved, I was so excited to decorate my daughter’s bedroom.  She now has a voice in our home so I was thrilled that she could incorporate her own taste and personal touch.  I wanted her room to represent HER but I also wanted it to be pleasing to the eye and visually creative.  This is where the compromise must happen. Finley and I decided that her room would SHOW that a princess lived in her room vs. TELL that a princess lived there.  For example, for this particular room, Finley was the princess. Jasmine, Aurora and all her friends would not be receiving a scrolled invitation.

For starters, I allowed my daughter to pick the color (not to be confused with the hue).  I knew what this would be…pink of course!  So I set out to find a pink that was both understated and calming.  I decided on Bridal Pink by Benjamin Moore because of its warm peach undertones.

Second we decided on the bed.  I chose a pink duvet cover from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child that was dainty and cozy.  Its Moroccan theme brought in a mature pattern while the color introduced a different pink variation. The sheets are from Target… where I buy all my sheets because of the price tag. :)


Speaking of price tag, I also didn’t want to invest in a high-end princess bed because as hard as it is to face, my princess will soon be a queen diva.  I decided on a canopy crown from the Etsy store, sweetlilboutique with curtains from Target, this created a headboard effect while also adding elegance. I used Anthropology crystal doorknobs to tie back the curtains as a sweet and regal element.


Like I’ve discussed in my previous blog, Arriving at your Selfish Destination, I think it’s always a good idea to design a separate living area for the bedroom.  This adds comfort and livability.   I set up Finley’s teepee (which I will soon cover with white Christmas lights as seen in our Portfolio) and requested the attendance of all her furry friends.  I also added a circular shag rug from TJ Maxx to further establish the space.


As for accent pieces, I framed Finley’s bed with two nightstands; one table includes a book holder for bedtime stories and space saving benefits.  On the second table, I added a pink tray to display her favorite items ONLY. Materialistic as that sounds, I would debate the opposite.  I personally think for adults AND children, it’s important to minimize.  If we hold onto possessions for nostalgic purposes, this ends up creating clutter that bogs us down.


I once read that when you really think about it, there are only around 5 items that evoke real nostalgia, meaning a recollection of happiness.   We tend to keep the rest of our so-called nostalgic items out of fear of not remembering.  It is important to streamline your belongings thus giving your eye a rest. This will help call upon your soothing, happy emotions verses the contrary.  Own things, do not let them own you.  Your memory isn’t going anywhere and if it were, a shoebox filled with ticket stubs isn’t going to bring it back.  If your item is truly sentimental, honor it by displaying it in an inventive way (ideas: decoupage a table with it, showcase it with a high-end frame/matte, incorporate it into your open shelving, or let it drive your paint choice).

Next, I included a medley of photos, art, and accessories as I always try to do!  I luckily found pieces that included pink, which compliments the room.






Like most kids, Finley loves doing art!  I wanted her work to be highlighted.  Fortunately, she loves pink and purple so I gave her those colors, some paper, and let her go to town!  My go-tos for frames, white frames, are always IKEA and Target.  They never get old, they’re cheap, and they simplify the room.


Another personal touch was Finley’s favorite character display.  She loves her stories so I bought duplicates and cut out each idol.  These Moroccan frames from Homegoods are so glamorous and add to the theme without being too “in your face."


Next, I wanted to add something original and hard.  By hard I mean, takes a lot of effort and time.  We all "pin" these projects on Pinterest with an ease of a button but the execution, not so easy and usually not so cheap.  For every room, I like to incorporate something like this. It’s these special and one-of-a-kind projects that make it worth all the effort.  For Finley’s room, I chose to wallpaper her closets.  It’s subtle but raises the level of décor.  I was careful to select wallpaper that could stand the test of time so I chose this dainty French bird script can grow with her. Found at Spoonflower by karenharveycox!



DSC_0447 1


Lastly, I needed a rug to tie the look together.  I thought about a pink oriental or Moroccan rug but it just became too busy.  I wanted something that felt dream-like, something that made Finley feel like she was on a cloud without drawing from the room’s simplicity. I decided on a faux sheepskin rug from the Etsy store: NotTooShaggy in the color Ivory. It was inexpensive because it has a felt bottom.  Absolutely love it!


So there you have it, the finished product!  Finley is so happy with her princess room.  It’s her alone place. Sometimes she just goes up there, closes the door, and talks to her stuffed animals, books, and to herself.  I’d like to think that she is drifting off into her own magical world. Plus, I can rest assured that this room has a sophistication that can last through the years to come.


Next Challenge:  Walking the Princess Line with my other little one!